Independent Radio Programs

Next I recommend some independent radio programs with more than three years of existence. These independent radio programs are broadcast through independent radios, be they university, community, communal or regional.

Featured Radio Programs

Addicts to the Noises, Rock of Conce: Radial program dedicated to diffusing the Chilean music, a window to the bands of Conception and above all diffusion for the new music that is realized in different parts of Chile. Conducted and produced by Francisco Tapia Robles. It is realized more than three years ago and is broadcast in the main cities of Chile, product of the intelligence of its manager, who has systematically sought, contacted and managed the broadcasting and diffusion of its radio program in the main independent radios of Chile. Addicted to the Noise, is transmitted in regional radios, in commercial radios, in communitarian radios, in radios am, in social radios, in digital radios and university radios. In this way he has strengthened his radio project, achieving a surprising coverage for a Radio Program Self-managed and dedicated to Chilean music.

RADIO SPLENDID 1959 – 1977

Radio Splendid was one of the first to apply for an FM concession, along with Andrés Bello’s Jimmy Brown, in 1959, to Radio Chilena’s wing, when there was still no legislation on it, even before El Conquistador’s Molfno in March 1962, overthrowing the insistent myth that El Conquistador was the first FM of Chile. I cite as a source a special Radial Worker’s Day program on San Cristóbal Radio FM, on September 20, 1990, when it was stated that Splendid was the first. It occupied the 92.9 FM. This is the absolute certainty that it was the first to transmit with stereo sound, in December of 1963, before El Conquistador (stereo since 1995), with Radio Corporación (Now Nacional de Chile, which is no longer on FM), then 89.3 FM. 1964). In an interview for an electronic medium (The Counter, now unavailable in cache), Molfino indicated that the Splendid began in 1966, but that is a documentary error.